Product description

Note – Scan – Logged!

dmXLAN F!X is a basic logging app for fixture notes in dmXLAN. Combined with matched RDM UID’s this can give users or rental companies valuable error logs and maintenance history of fixtures.Whenever a user on dmXLAN or dmXLAN QR sets a note on a fixture this will automatically be logged in dmXLAN F!X with a time-stamp and User.


dmXLAN F!X can run separately from dmXLAN on the same machine or any other machine in the network. Allowing multiple instances of dmXLAN to connect to F!X simultaneously.
Logs can be exported and imported between instances of F!X, making sharing your maintenance log with the warehouse a breeze after an on-site job.


RDM-QR notes via a mobile device


  • Log directly into dmXLAN F!X
  • Log notes from dmXLAN
  • Log notes from dmXLAN QR on your mobile device