dmXLAN Nodes

This comprehensively range of nodes over Artnet, sACN and Shownet as standard protocols. Remote programming and monitoring using ELC dmXLAN software (free download) DMX output options: normal, merging in HTP, channel custom, priority merging, full softpatch (channel by channel), programmable merging with DMX channel control.

dmXLAN nodeGBx 8

The dmXLAN nodeGBx 8 comes in two variations: DLN8GBX- 8 fully programmable DMX ports and a dual Gigabit port switch wi...

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dmXLAN node3

The dmXLAN node3 has 3 bi-directional DMX ports to convert from or to sACN, Art-Net or Shownet. An internal switch pr...

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dmXLAN node1s

The dmXLAN node1s is a desk or surface mounted Ethernet to DMX or DMX to Ethernet node with a choice of either male of ...

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dmXLAN Buddy

Whether you’re a newcomer to the market or a student running simple software applications, the dmXLAN Buddy is an ent...

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