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ELC lighting introduces the final step in redundancy

November 2019

DMX can now be made redundant. Up till now, a redundant network could be built right up to the ethernet to DMX node. However, the last link in the chain of lighting data – the DMX cable – was still a single point of failure.

The ELC lighting dmXLAN nodeGBx system now enables you to make your DMX system entirely redundant simply by feeding the end of your DMX run back into a nodeGBx. Simply by setting this port up as a DMX backup port ensures a smooth take-over in case of any failure in the DMX run.

The nodeGBx system is capable of extremely quick takeovers in case of failure.  Virtually no glitches are seen on the lighting rig. In case of a DMX cable breakage or unplugging, the backup port will take over the DMX output within 50 ms. In case of a partial network failure, the backup port will take over directly after the set DMX hold time. When the ‘fault condition’ has ended the recovery time is less than one DMX frame.