sideKICK too interface for GMA(2)

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Setting up wing mode
To configure the sideKICK too for use with the GMA(2) on PC interface, the sideKICK too needs to first be in wing mode (wing mode 1 to 4).

Enter setup in order to activate wing mode. To enter setup, keep the up and down buttons pressed during power-on (while plugging in the USB cable).
The leds of the SDK2 should flash for a few seconds to confirm that setup is active.

To enable wing mode, make sure the led of button 13 is lit. If this is not the case press button 13 to activate the led.

In setup, select the desired wing mode;
Buttons 11 and 12 switched off – DMX wing mode 1 (DMX channel 1-50)
Button 11 switched on, button 12 switched off – DMX wing mode 2 (DMX channel 51-100)
Button 11 switched off, button 12 switched on – DMX wing mode 3 (DMX channel 101-150)
Button 11 and 12 switched on – DMX wing mode 4 (DMX channel 151-200)

After configuring wing mode, do not press any button for 10 seconds. The device will then exit  setup, all leds will flash for a few seconds as confirmation.

Wing mode
When wing mode is configured each button represents a single channel (1-30), even the store/up/down buttons represent a single channel (31-33).
The faders represent channels 41-50 (note: wing modes 2-4 add a DMX offset as described in the setup list above).