NodeGBx 8 Firmware

Download description

Please use dmXLAN Firmware Updater or dmXLAN 4.3 to upload the firmware.

If you experience problems, you can start the NodeGBx 8 in the Boot Menu by holding the rotary encoder down while plugging in the power cord.


  • FIX: resolves non functional LED's on slave nodes 3 and up
  • FIX: Unresponsive "blue LED" state of node8GBxi
  • NEW: Added support for (i) hardware revisions
  • FIX: Display showing white blocks instead of text
  • FIX: Arp table overflow - devices disappearing from dmXLAN until boot memory clear
  • FIX: Art-poll reply - ignore talk to me bit 0
  • FIX: Rdm proxy
  • NEW: Load/Save config function added
  • NEW: RDM proxy on DMX in implemented
  • NEW: DMX backup implemented
  • FIX: Factory reset did not reset: resend - dmx rate - blactrax
  • FIX: sACN priorty handeling when an active stream gets a lower priority
  • FIX: Blacktrax improvements
  • FIX: IGMP implementation
  • NEW: Serial led timing profile WS2813 added
  • NEW: Serial led timing profile SK6822 added
  • NEW: Serial led timing profile UCS1903 added
  • NEW: Serial led color order added
  • FIX: Art-RDM update
  • FIX:UI clean up and improvements
  • FIX: recieving sACN
  • FIX: errors when port was configured as DMX input
  • FIX: false Port sensing messages in dmXLAN
  • NEW: LEDs slow flash: No DMX
  • NEW: LEDs fast flash: dmxLAN Take Over
  • NEW: Improved UI configuration
  • FIX: Display Update
  • FIX: display issue